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Unleashing Creativity: How to Encourage Arts in Singapore’s Community

In Singapore, we celebrate our achievements in sectors such as Education, Business, Healthcare and Infrastructure. Alongside our diverse history and culture, the arts hold an important place in our vibrant city. As we continue to build our city, it is important to inspire our community to engage in and appreciate the arts. This helps us to keep our rich culture of arts alive, while also fostering creativity and excellence in our people. Regardless of your background, this article explores 5 simple ways to collectively encourage and celebrate the arts in our dynamic and diverse society.  

1. Appreciate Singapore’s Artistic Streets 

Looking for a new hangout or date idea? You can take a stroll down Singapore’s vibrant streets that offer an exciting journey filled with captivating art — showcasing both our rich history and our modern artistic side. 

If you’re looking for a street that highlights Singapore’s rich history, head down to Tiong Bahru, Singapore’s oldest housing estate, where history meets modern creativity. This vibrant neighbourhood offers a glimpse into the past with its charming murals, giving a sneak peak of how life was like for Singaporeans in the past. There are plenty of cool spots to take photos along this street.

The "Pasar" Mural by Yip Yew Chong; Image Credits: Yip Yew Chong

For a more contemporary art experience, head down to Haji Lane instead! Haji Lane is filled with bold and graphic murals, bringing a vibrant atmosphere alongside boutique stores selling hand-crafted souvenirs. When you need a break from the exciting street art, you can take a break at Haji Lane’s trendy cafes, such as Tolido’s Espresso Nook and Earlybird cafe. Popular among both locals and tourists, there’s lots to explore along this street. For more information on artistic streets to explore in Singapore, check out TimeOut’s article here!

Artistic Murals along Haji Lane; Image Credits: Angie & James Do Stuff

2. Visit Singapore’s museums

Singapore’s museums showcase our rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions. They remind us of our past and our significant development as a nation. Conveniently located near Cityhall MRT, and with free general admission for Singaporeans and PRs, National Gallery Singapore holds an extensive collection of Southeast Asian Art. National Gallery Singapore hosts diverse art exhibitions such as “Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore Since the 19th Century” and “Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia Since the 19th Century", offering its visitors a wide array of new learnings. 

National Gallery Singapore; Image Credits: GordonMakryllos

For a more contemporary art experience, visit ArtScience Museum, where Art meets Science through a blend of art, science, technology and more. Explore futuristic exhibits such as “Future World: Where Art Meets Science” and the “VR Gallery” that brings art to life in innovative ways. 

ArtScience Museum; Image Credits: Marina Bay Sand

3. Support Buskers 

Busking is the art of street performance, where individuals or groups showcase their talents in public places.  These performances encompass a wide range of artistic expressions, from singing and dancing to musical tricks and more. Passersby are not only welcomed to stop and enjoy but are often encouraged to participate in these lively performances. Today, you can often find buskers along popular streets of Singapore, such as Orchard Road, Clarke Quay Central and even in the vicinity of Suntec City, near the Esplanade MRT exit! If you enjoy original compositions or popular pop songs, look out for Jason Yu, who frequently performs along Orchard Road or along the stretch outside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. For exciting circus performances, look out for Bryan Wong, a Circle Arts street performer who specialises in circus arts. 

Circle Arts Street Performance Outside Ion Orchard; Image Credits: Bryan Wong

4. Explore Singapore’s local music scene

Listening to music is a tool for us to de-stress, enjoy our commute, or simply have fun with loved ones. As we appreciate the wide array of music options, let us also support our local artists who contribute to our arts scene. If you’re looking for new artists to support, you can explore PARKA, a local music label that provides a platform for rising artists to showcase and develop their talents. Check out PARKA’s page to see how they’re shaping the music industry for rising artists, and visit Hear65’s article for more insights regarding PARKA!

Talents from PARKA; Image Credits: PARKA

Apart from today’s trendy pop music, we can also learn more about traditional art forms such as Getai. Meaning “song stage” in Chinese, Getai is a pillar of Singapore’s music culture that originated in the early 1940s, where singers would perform folk songs and traditional Chinese songs on brightly lit stages. Today, Getai has also adapted to the modern music scene — performers now include K-pop and contemporary Chinese music to keep up with the times. As the music industry continues to develop, this form of entertainment faces challenges to find its foothold among the younger audience. To keep Getai alive, we can show our support by spreading awareness about this traditional art form, and even participate in Getai performances held! Check out this page for upcoming Getai events all over Singapore.

A Getai Perfomance Held at Night; Image Credits:

5. Participate in Art Workshops 

Despite our busy schedules, it is important to make time for the arts. From learning how to play an instrument to participating in a painting class, we can all engage in the arts in our own ways. Not only does it allow us to pick up a new skill, these activities also serve as a fun weekend activity for children and adults alike. 

A Terrarium Making Workshop with GroupAID; Image Credits: GroupAID

Bringing it one step closer to the classroom, GroupAID offers various workshops for students and adults such as our Terrarium Making and Bear-Brick Acrylic Pour workshops, where participants  can use different tools like spoons and paintbrushes to design their own bear brick structures. This cultivates an appreciation for the arts within our community , and allows participants to understand the importance of arts in their lives. Moreover, this also offers an opportunity for creative self-expression among all.

To enquire or sign up for art classes with GroupAID, simply fill in this form or contact us at today!


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