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  • How can I partner with Group AID to implement our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?
    Group AID offers tailored partnership opportunities that aligns with your company’s CSR goals. Reach out here to discuss your goals and how we can help!
  • Can Group AID support us with our volunteering needs?
    Absolutely! With our impact-proven workshops and network of 50+ charities supporting a wide range of beneficiary groups, Group AID is able to simplify the process for employee volunteerism and make the process hassle-free!
  • Are your instructors MOE-registered?
    Yes, our instructors are registered with MOE.
  • What are the key outcomes of your workshops?
    We are able to tailor our workshops based on your needs, and can work together with you to define and measure these outcomes. In the past, we have conducted team-bonding workshops for teachers, led after-school enrichment workshops for students, and created a tailored programme to engage long-term absent students.
  • What are the workshops Group AID offers?
    We offer terrarium-making, balloon-sculpting, and bear brick acrylic pour workshops.
  • What is the maximum number of participants per workshop?
    We do not have a cap on the number of participants per workshop. As our workshops are conducted at a location of your choice, we are able to run the workshop for as many participants as the location can hold.
  • Where will the workshops be held?
    Our workshops are conducted at a location of your choice.
  • Who are the key beneficiary groups Group AID serves?
    We have worked with 5 key beneficiary groups so far - kids & youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, migrant workers and families - and we are open to serving other beneficiary groups!
  • How can we engage Group AID to provide workshops for our beneficiaries?
    Group AID offers complimentary/ subsidised tailored workshops for charities. Reach out here to discuss your goals and how we can help!
  • What is the mission of Group AID?
    Group AID’s mission is to provide the underserved with access to enrichment activities.
  • How does supporting Group AID create social impact?
    Group AID offers free/ subsidised workshops to beneficiaries via our network of charity partners. As a social enterprise registered with raiSE SG, Group AID allocates at least 20% of our resources to social impact creation.
  • How does Group AID measure impact?
    We measure impact through various metrics including number of beneficiaries served, number of charities partnered, and testimonials.
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