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The Heartfelt Joys and Benefits of Terrarium Making with Group AID

Terrarium Workshop participants from Filos Community Services, Source: Group AID

Did you know that the original terrarium was an accident? In 1829, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward wanted to hatch an insect chrysalis inside a bottle but observed that a tiny fern spore grew in that controlled environment instead. This led to the discovery of the advantages of having an entire ecosystem of plants contained within an ecosystem with controlled humidity and air quality.

While cultivating a diverse ecosystem filled with moss and insects might not be the main goal of terrarium owners in Singapore, many have found other interesting uses for it. It could satiate the green thumb of Singaporeans without a large garden space, serve as a natural home decoration, or gifts for loved ones.

Terrarium Making is one of the main workshops that Group AID offers, which lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. One might ask, “Why take the time to make it myself when I can just buy a complete terrarium?” However, there are much greater joys and benefits than just obtaining a ready-made product.

1. Fostering a Natural Connection

When one makes their own terrarium, they are essentially creating and caring for a tiny ecosystem. We believe that it is more than just an artistic endeavor, but it fosters a connection and care with the green wonders of our world. In our workshops, participants are given plant stalks that acts as a centrepiece in their terrarium. Group AID’s trainers also educate participants on what it takes to care for their terrariums after the workshop ends.

2. Providing Therapeutic and Stress-Relieving Experiences

Our terrarium-making workshops go beyond the crafting process; they offer a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The act of working with plants, figurines, and coloured decorative sand engages the senses and provides a mindful respite. We've witnessed participants finding peace and joy in the process, that one may not get through purchasing a ready-made terrarium.

3. Building Lasting Social Bonds

Group AID’s workshops are designed with community building in mind. Across all demographics, these activities grant participants the meaningful opportunity to build friendships, combat social isolation, and explore creativity. These workshops become a catalyst for building lasting social bonds within our communities, whether it’s among kids and students, co-workers, or the elderly.

4. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination & Motor Skills

In the art of terrarium making, its more than just about creating a visually appealing end-product. It also actively contributes to the development and enhancement of our participants’ hand-eye coordination and motor skills, which is crucial for demographics such as young children and the elderly. Terrarium making is a hands-on activity that requires precision and attention to detail. As participants arrange their terrariums, they actively refine these skills.

With all these benefits, what's there not to love about making your own terrarium?

Now don’t get us wrong, there are still many beautiful terrariums ready for purchase in the market. However, what Group AID offers is an intentional commitment to bring joy and community support to our participants.

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