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Getting To Know More About Group AID, a Social Enterprise registered with raiSE

What is a Social Enterprise?
Social enterprises combine societal goals with an entrepreneurial spirit. These organisations focus on achieving social objectives while maximising profits which are used to sustain the organisation.

According to the British Council’s 2022 Global Social Enterprise survey, there are an estimated 2,660 Social Enterprises in Singapore. However, this figure includes charities, societies and a number of small businesses. To be more specific, only 367 organisations have been registered with raiSE, the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise. As a registered member, Group AID is proud to serve the underprivileged with equal access to enrichment activities.

Social enterprises exist in nearly every sector from beauty, health and wellness, education, retail, home services to food and beverages. They create jobs and training opportunities for those marginalised from the workforce, deliver accessible products and services to meet community needs and transform our neighbourhoods.
Who We Are
Founded in 2020, Group AID provides the underserved with access to enrichment activities such as terrarium and balloon sculpting workshops. The workshops are conducted by our experienced facilitators and have helped beneficiaries to foster interpersonal bonds, build cognitive and motor skills and gain access to enrichment activities they might otherwise not have access to.

How we Create Meaningful Social Impact
Group AID serves a wide spectrum of beneficiaries including seniors, vulnerable youth and children, and persons with disabilities.

Our Impact so Far
Since inception, we have partnered with 50+ social service agencies to extend 80+ enrichment workshops to 1000+ beneficiaries in Singapore.

Terrarium Workshops

Balloon Sculpting Workshops

Moving forward, Group AID will be expanding the variety of our enrichment activities and looking to provide employment for the marginalised community. Continued charity, corporate, and volunteer support will go a long way in helping to sustain our advocacy.

Join Us
Join us in our journey to provide equal access to enrichment activities for the underserved!
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