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Bridging The Gap: Overcoming Social Isolation Through Community Engagement

Workshop participants at Anglican Senior Centre (Havelock), taken by GroupAID

In the tapestry of Singapore's diverse communities, social isolation can cast a shadow, leaving many feelings disconnected and alone. This poses a significant risk to local communities. A study by Duke-NUS medical school found that loneliness or social isolation increases mortality risk by 7% among elderly aged 60 and above, which is similar to the impact of smoking and cardiovascular diseases. With another study by CARE showing that 39% of Singaporeans in this age group feel lonely, elderly loneliness is indeed an issue we should not ignore.

Our young ones are not exempt from such consequences as well. In a separate study by the National University of Singapore on adolescents aged 10 – 18 in Singapore, it was found that one third internalized feelings of anxiety and loneliness, symptomatic of deeper and more serious mental health illnesses. Hence, there is a crucial need to provide our support to both our youths and the elderly.

The government has developed several well-meaning initiatives such as Age Well SG and Youthopia to combat social isolation among Singapore’s elderly and youth respectively. However, we believe on the ground efforts are equally important in bringing communities together to tackle this issue too. GroupAID hopes to supplement these initiatives by providing an avenue for creative self-expression for these groups of people.

At GroupAID, we believe in fostering genuine connections and creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued and engaged. Through our creative workshops such as terrarium making, balloon sculpting or bearbrick acrylic paint pouring, participants are given the opportunity to embrace their inner artist as they customize their very own collectible. Participating in artistic activities has long been scientifically recognised as a way for people to express themselves as it results in an increased release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness.

Our workshops also provide an avenue to connect with others in a supportive environment. Through hands-on activities, participants have the chance to forge meaningful connections with other participants that can help fight feelings of social isolation. Engaging in group activities fosters a sense of belonging and community, deepens relationships between people and even allows participants to make new friends. By coming together to learn, create, and share, participants build relationships that transcend social barriers and enrich their lives. Through our workshops, individuals can find a place where they are accepted, valued, and supported by their peers.

GroupAID’s workshops empower individuals to explore new skills, discover hidden talents, and challenge themselves in a supportive environment. By stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing new experiences, participants not only overcome feelings of isolation but also gain confidence, resilience, and a sense of accomplishment. This is in line with our unique offering of workshops such as balloon sculpting, bearbrick acrylic paint pouring and terrarium making, which are activities that most would never have done so before. They also provide an avenue for participants to pick up motor skills and stay mentally active, which are important in carrying out daily activities in life.

At GroupAID, we're committed to combating social isolation by creating opportunities for fostering community engagement. Through our workshops, individuals have the chance to connect with others, nurture their passions, and contribute to a more connected and inclusive society. Let's bridge the gap and build a future where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued!

To learn more about the activities Group AID conducts, feel free to visit other parts of our website, contact us at, or drop us an enquiry here.


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