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A Brief History of Bearbrick And Why It’s So Popular

Bearbricks have long been a hot ticket, highly valued collectible. They recently caught the eye of Singaporeans when a large collection of them were seized in the country’s largest island-wide anti-money laundering raid in August 2023. The collection seized was valued between $450,000 and $500,000.

With all the buzz surrounding these bear-like figurines, have you ever wondered where the hype came from?

Originating from a Japanese company, Medicom Toy Incorporated in 2001, the original bearbrick was inspired by another line of toys called Kubricks. The main difference between the two is that Kubricks head mimics that of a person whilst bearbricks, you guessed it, has a bear’s head.

Over the years, bearbrick has collaborated with renowned artists and brands, creating limited-edition releases from the likes of KAWS and BAPE. There was even a bearbrick inspired by the hit Netflix show, Squid Game.

Our very own local artiste, JJ Lin, even announced a collaboration with Medicom, releasing a limited edition bearbrick in November 2023.

Artist JJ Lin with his first Bearbrick, via Instagram (@jjlin)

Customize Your Bearbrick Today!

Thinking about having your very own bearbrick, but worried that it might be too costly? Fret not! We don’t need to break the bank to own this adorable bear-like figurine, with acrylic paint-pouring activities and workshops readily available. Bearbrick acrylic paint-pouring appeals to everyone’s inner artist, regardless of experience level. You don’t need to be Vincent Van Gogh to choose your favourite colours and have a good time!

In these workshops, participants have the chance to craft their own, “limited edition” bearbrick. More than just the colour, specific patterns and designs can be tailored to suit the individual’s artistic flair. Regardless of one’s background, anybody can take part in this hands-on creative process.

Beyond artistic expression, bearbrick paint-pouring workshops offer communal experiences. Groups of all ages, from kids to adults, or even the elderly, can come together to share ideas and proudly show off their works of art! Workshops like these foster connections and provide a platform for interaction, whether it is organised as an enrichment activity for school children, or a corporate team bonding workshop for coworkers.

On top of it all, it just seems fun to see your favourite colours flow down an adorable bear you get to bring home!

From a global collectible to a fun, hands-on activity, bearbrick continues to capture the hearts of those with a creative spark to let loose. With paint-pouring workshops available, Group AID not only brings a fun experience but also provides a platform to bring communities together.

To learn more about the activities Group AID conducts, feel free to contact us here!


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