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6 Interesting Facts about Balloon Sculpting

What is Balloon Sculpting?

As its name suggests, balloon sculpting involves using a long balloon to twist and create a balloon sculpture. This sculpture could be of animals, flowers, or anything else you might imagine!

Often associated with and seen at children’s birthday parties or family carnivals, balloon sculpting actually presents numerous benefits for a larger audience. 

1. No one truly knows the history behind balloon sculpting 

It’s a mystery how balloon sculptures came about. Some argue that the art was established by Herman Bonnert from Pennsylvania at a magician’s event in 1939, while others argue that the ancient Aztecs might have been the original creator.  In Singapore, balloon sculpting is often used for entertainment at various events — children’s birthday parties, social gatherings and even corporate events! Either way, balloon sculpting remains such a fun and exciting activity — who would’ve thought of using simple balloons to create many different amazing structures?

2. Balloon sculpting provides entertainment for people of all ages 

Balloon sculpting is a family-friendly activity that ensures all participants feel included in the activity — both children and adults alike can use their creativity to turn simple balloons into their favourite animal or objects. Interestingly, balloon sculpting can also be a unique corporate bonding activity that allows coworkers to have fun and forge new memories together.

Our lovely participants with their completed balloon sculptures!

3. Balloon sculpting helps to relieve stress 

A hands-on and creative activity, balloon sculpting helps people to relax and relieve stress. This is because focusing on the present and the creative activity can alleviate anxiety, encourage relaxation and decrease cortisol levels, which are related to one’s stress levels. This makes balloon sculpting a perfect post-exam activity for children of all ages.

4. Balloon sculpting can alleviate loneliness among the underserved groups in our community

Looking for new ways to engage the underserved groups in your community? Balloon sculpting provides an enjoyable and memorable experience for all — be it the elderly, kids or migrant workers. It can be a great way to entertain and bring joy to these groups in our community, allowing them to momentarily forget their worries and pains, and instead focus on a new and exciting experience. Whether you are from a charity looking for new activities to engage your beneficiaries, or from a corporate exploring unique forms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, you should definitely consider balloon sculpting as one of your options.

5. Balloon sculpting improves crucial motor skills 

Apart from the various benefits to one’s mental health, balloon sculpting also aids with practical motor skills. As the art requires hands-on twisting and moulding of the balloon shapes, balloon sculpting improves various skills such as hand-eye coordination, nimbleness and precision, all while encouraging participants to use their creative skills as they experiment with different balloon sculptures.

6. Balloon sculpting makes a great and unique souvenir 

After enjoying the balloon sculpting session, participants can bring home their special balloons as a take-home gift. The sculpture reminds each participant about the fun and exciting experience of balloon sculpting.

How can GroupAID play a part? 

Now that we have covered the benefits of balloon sculpting, we encourage you to try out our balloon sculpting workshops, where students, colleagues and the elderly can create balloon sculptures in a fun and engaging way. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a workshop with GroupAID today!



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